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SPiDY SPEZIA - The company to offer the best scooter & bike rental services
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Company History
About the renting services history
Fondation of La Veneta car repair and rent
On February 16, 1926, Giuseppe Piotto's company, founded in 1918 in Piazzola sul Brenta, was registered with the Padua Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The activity of rent and car repair would resist the Second World War, officially passing in 1954 to the eldest of the Piotto’s brothers, Antonio, and the younger Mario.
We had to wait until the early 1960s to see La Veneta shop arrive in La Spezia, in via Antoniana 4, where it would become a quality benchmark in La Spezia.
Today it is Antonio's son, Stefano, who runs La Veneta, the car body shop friend of the motorist who serves his customers professionally since its origins.
SPiDY SPEZIA is a green mobility Startup. The idea comes up with the need to change our consumption habits. What we want is to give the best tourist experience and assistance to costumers during their permanence in La Spezia province.